Wild Tendencies was an exhibition planned to debut in April at East Arbor Architecture and Gallery in East Lansing, Michigan. Due to Covid-19, the exhibition will be online only. Please feel free to browse the work and click on each piece for more information.

All pieces in this collection come framed and ready to hang. Though each work of art is a giclee print of the digital illustration, I’m considering them “originals” as they will not be replicated at this size again after they have been purchased, with exception of the four small 8×8 works.

To purchase a piece from this collection, please contact Sara at hello@sarapulver.com. Payment plans are available.

I’d like to say give a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey with this body of work. Amanda Harrell-Seyburn & East Arbor Architecture, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to exhibiting with you officially next summer. My husband, Jerrod Bishop, who supports me unconditionally. To my parents, Frank & Judy Pulver, my forever biggest cheerleaders. To my Aunt Francine Finnocchio and Maureen Berquist-Gray, who have instilled creativity in me as long as I can remember, and will always encourage my wildest ideas. And lastly, a huge thank you to each and everyone one of my dear friends who have watched me anxiously pour over this work, listened patiently while I cried about unexpected transitions, and lifted me up higher than I thought possible. I love you all.