Inspired by nature, humanity, and the exploration of how the two are connected, Sara’s work is playful and vibrant, with moody undertones. The presence of this duality in the Midwest provides her with a constant source of material. As a multimedia artist, Sara works digitally, as well as utilizing more traditional techniques with acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paints. Simple shapes, lines, and experimentation with pattern give her illustrations a whimsical feel intended to bring joy and reflection.
Often perplexed about how she landed her dream job, Sara is the most self-deprecating Leo you’ve ever met. An avid feminist and mental health advocate, these themes frequently present themselves in her
 artwork as well.
Alongside her personal artwork, Sara keeps her passion for snail mail alive by owning and operating Dear Ollie & Co, a stationery and gift shop located inside A Novel Concept in Downtown Lansing. 
When she’s not busy creating, you can find her wandering aimlessly in the woods, consuming pop culture at indescribable speeds, or at home with her partners, pups, kitties, and chickens who provide hours of endless entertainment.
This business is safe space for members of BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities.
You are valid and welcome here. 
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